God Intervenes Again

It was a holiday season like no other this year.  We all learned many lessons and we gained the awareness of the real values and priorities of God and Country pertaining to the holiday season.my

My family was all together, the holidays were planned out and the energy of the season was everywhere. As outlined in previous posts we had a sickness come through our family that brought back the real meaning of holidays.most of the family came down with the flu, Christmas came and went and the family remained sick leaving our planned celebration behind. New years came and went and slowly the family began to recover. My daughter Jen and her family packed up to return to their life of travel after dedicating the last 3 months to helping me rebuild my life and regain my strength from this cancer diagnosis.

Shortly after they left I became very sick. With my last experience in the hospital of waiting 27 hours to get a room I was very reluctant to go to the hospital. Instead I went to the walk in emergency center in Marlborough. I walked in requesting a chest x-ray as I was coughing up a yellow colored phlegm with blood in it and of course needed the COVID test which has been proven inaccurate and delivers many false positive results and was swapped out for a new test that we are suppose to trust.

My doctor wanted me to be tested for COVID and receive the Monoclonal antibodies of it came back positive which
H it did. After 6 hours 1 chest x-ray and some blood work I was sent home with the diagnosis of it’s all COVID. by now a big snow storm had started and I headed home with orders to monitor my blood oxygen levels and that if the go down low come back during the night for oxygen. Through the night my fever remained high and my breathing became more difficult. First thing in the morning we called the number we were given for the Monoclonal antibodies transfusion. When we told them my heart rate was 89 they refused to take me and sent me to the hospital to receive oxygen. Here is where God steps in again. I arrive at the hospital after my husband clears the 12 or more inches of snow which accumulate during the night only to have the check in nurse tell me that my blood oxygen rate was at 98. It hasn’t seen 98 since pre cancer diagnosis. I look at her and say ” can we stop the check in procss here” as I know I am sick, e knowi was diagnosed with COVID and the Monoclonal antibodies await me as soon as my oxygen level checks normal. Thank you God she had common sense and agrees. She discusses with the Dr on call and he quickly checks my vitals and verifies blood oxygen levels and confirms he will call and set up for the infusion. I proceed to go back to the waiting room to wait for directions. Ten minutes later the Dr comes out and tells me he reviewed my XRay and found there tobe an infection that apparently the clinic missed. He assured me he will call in an antibiotic for the infection as well as the infusion and sends me home to wait for the call back on the infusion. I proceeded to feel worse and breathing became more difficult with every breath. At 3pm I had the infusion and left the hospital at 5 feeling worse than when I came in.My antibiotic was ready for pick up by 7pm. I took the antibiotic right away and fell asleep. At 12 am I woke up and expressed to my husband that I was not sure I would make it through the night. I dozed off and woke again around 3 am and could feel the antibiotic had kicked in to do its job.By 6 am I felt better than I had in weeks and within a few days better than I had in months.That trip to the hospital I believed saved my life when the ER Dr found the infection that was missed by the clinic Dr the night before.Thank you Lord for your intervention.

I am a strong believer that my life remains in God’s hands and my time is not yet as he has some things left for me to do.

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