A New Year…2024

Happy New Year everyone! With every new year comes another birthday. Today is my birthday and once again I am able to thank God for my turning another year older as a cancer survivor. I am beginning my 3rd as a 4th stage Lung Cancer Survivor still keeping up with the fight. A fight that has been the most difficult battle in my life but one I will continue to fight in hopes of winning over this Monster that has tried to take my life away. Well Christmas and New Years has passed since I last wrote. Once again less struck at Christmas 🌲 my son Chris, his wife and son remained home due to illness. Jen, Jerome and the girls spent their Christmas in Arizona this year. The rest of us shared dinner and the children shared some gifts on Christmas day and thanked God for the ability to share this day together. We decided the main gift giving would be postponed until New Years Eve. New years Eve was perfect. We spent 4 wonderful days at the house we have rented for family gatherings in Coventry for the past few years. 18 of us Gather around the meal table in Coventry and thank God for bringing us all together to meet as a family and celebrate LIFE. Although Jen, Jerome and the girls did not make it back this year, the rest of us carried on the tradition of each couple cooking a dinner for all, games, walks to the stables and the tree house on the river in and most importantly spending time together. It was a wonderful memorable time. Christmas gifts were shared and most important we all brought back to our homes special memories of time spent together yet again at this special location. The kids love these outings and we are all so sad to go home at the end of our stay together. It is now the end of the day of this special birthday. I was able to share a special lunch celebration at one of my favorite restaurants called Relish. I love there food and staff. My daughter Lindsey arranges my special occasion ceebrations here and brings special cakes and cupcakes. Peter was able to attend this one as was Gui my daughter n law. A great meal with them made my day. Full family celebration Will take place Sunday. So fortunate to continue to have these special moments with my family as my fight against cancer continues. Trust in God as he remains in charge.

6 thoughts on “A New Year…2024”

  1. Awe. I just love how your family supports and loves you so much. You have such willpower, I believe in that along with everything else.
    God has you in his arms.

  2. Lindsey Aduskevich

    I’m so proud of you! Going into your 3rd year!! Still kicking cancer’s a**! Christmas and New Year’s was amazing! Love you and grateful we got to celebrate your birthday Friday and again on Sunday!

  3. You are strong, beautiful and all around an amazing human being and I wish you endless smiles and joy on this very special day!!!🎂❤️🎁

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