Hold my Breath and Pray

over the phone.

Waiting for the biopsy was not an easy wait but Yet one must wait to know if they have cancer or not. Unfortunately mine came back showing positive for cancer as did the fluid around my heart and my lungs. The day was almost over when I received the news.  Most of my family had finished their single slots of visiting for the day. my son Christopher was therein the room with me when I was told I had  stage 4 cancer and he helped me  digest what these words meant for the first time in 5 days.He also helped me to make a call that would include all of my family members so that I could let my family the most scariest news of our lifetime  How would  I find the rightover a phone call to tell my family that the healthy mom they knew and depended on was now a cancer patient struggling for every breath available. I needed my family to be with me, holding my hand as I hold theirs  in support,. How could I even begin to tell them this News.  Fortunately my son was getting ready to leave hospital as his visiting timeslots was over. He waited for the Dr to finish his news of the  cancer confirmation.

My son refused to leave my side as he held me tight and cried beside me.  My son is studying to be a minister and had spent much time since I entered the hospital reading the Bible to me and explaining parts I had difficulties with understanding. . He reached out to one of the nurses requesting for a private room that I could have sometime alone with my husband to tell him and have his support through this difficult news. An angel nurse heard our cry and granted  our request. was  With God at our side and a hospital miracle Peter was able to be by my side ❤️ where we were able to cry some tears and hold each other in support through this scarey path of life . We were about to struggle through. our lives turned upside down and we needed to touch our heart and souls to gain the wit and strength we would need to proceed through this unknown territory together as a family. I have no doubt in the strength and support of my family but I did question mine at times as I never wanted to appear weak around my children. the diagnosis was out and it was the most difficult words to listen to and try to soothe my family in the process.

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