The Breath of God

My last 4 days in the hospital gave me signs of hope from the many prayers I would send to God each Breath became stronger and on my last day the oxygen was removed and my breath was my own.The gift of breath should never be taken for granted as it is our line to life itself.

The morning I was to be discharged a nurse who had previously retired and wS called backto work entered my room to draw my blood.I had never seen her before but she had a message for me. We spoke about the military and how little respect is shown for their sacrifices and how times have changed and others for the better.

She explained she had retired years ago and was called back to work given the shortage of nurses especially now with the vaccine requirement. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I was not going anywhere and that God was not finished with me. She stressed that “he” meaning God had a purpose for me and my time here was not over. She then insisted I look her in the eyes and tell her any other reason she would be in my room saying these words to me if they were not true and directly from God himself.

I know of no other reason anyone would enter my 5th floor room of the hospital on the day I am being discharged and speak for God himself….Do you?

2 thoughts on “The Breath of God”

  1. Lindsey Aduskevich

    This story always gives me chills. I would love to one day meet this woman. Breathe is indeed the line to life and it was returned to you for a reason. I’m beyond grateful for that.

  2. God will use anything and anyone around us to send us messages and answers to our prayers. When we succumb to God’s will, we can receive these messages when we listen for them.

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