Chemo VS Cancer

Many times my friends will ask me how am I doing with the cancer? My response is that I am living with the cancer fine it is the side effects of chemo that is so very difficult to live with.

If you have read my previous blogs then you are familiar with my various hospital trips for a blood clot in my leg, a stroke, and an upper respiratory infection that I didn’t feel I would make it another day through until a second look at the x-ray the following day found the infection and treated it with antibiotics. My Thyroid went wacky back in January and a weight issue was added to my issues mainly breathing which became more difficult. Amazing that the Thyroid can act up overnight yet try and get it back to normal and here it is July and sill working with it.

Other issues I deal with every 3 weeks is a slight fever, sore throat, nausea and body aches. I sleep for 3-4 days after treatment.

For the past 3 months I was having issues with swelling nd pain in my left leg. It would get what they call very “angry” where the leg rashes this deep pink and gets very itchy and painful. After numerous octors and 3 ultrasounds to rule out a DVT it was finally diagnosed as Cellulitis which is an infection between the skin layers. It is treated with 2000 mg of antibiotics daily. We started with penicillin until my leg flared up and I was sent to have IV antibiotics of Keflex and three weeks later still having some issues.

Just had a chemo treatment on Friday and I am running 100.6 temp, throat is sore and nauseous is the stomach. I slept all day Friday, Saturday and half a day Sunday with naps on Monday and Tuesday. I resent the need for so much sleep as the treatments are every 3 weeks. One week of recouping and 2 weeks of semi normal life providing no surprises pop up.

I do not mean for this to be a whining session but rather a description of what many of us Cancer patients experience. There are many times that our experiences from the treatments for Cancer impact us more than the actual cancer.

I am at 9 months from when I was released from the hospital after a 9 day stay for diagnosis and treatment. I remain very thankful to God and my family for all the support and love that has been extended to me in the past 9 months. I just completed a scan to determine if the cancer has spread or if it remains shrunk like the last scan. With any luck I will find out in two weeks.

In the meantime I can explain life as so unpredictable and the only way to live it and stay sane is day by day or better put one day at a time.

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  1. I pray for you, strength too my friend.
    Reagan was at Quincy’s birthday party Sunday,. He was just so cute, playing in the play house, made me a whole plate of play food!! While I was standing there, here this is for you, I had to bring it to the return window! They really have great little personalities!!

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