Chemo is over…Immune system and God in charge

My future now relies on God and antibodies to carry me through my next chapter in life. I am finished with The two chemotherapies that extended my lifespan a year longer than my family doctors and I could have imagined.

I will not deny that this past year was the hardest year I have ever experienced in my life. The thought of. Chemo for most people is a great loss of weight, weakness, loss of hair and throwing up, taste issues as some of the top symptoms.

My chemotherapy consisted of great weight gain, exhaustion, a wacky thyroid, blood clot, stroke, Lymphodmia, cellulitis, fevers and an emotional rollercoaster. As difficult as this sounds and as hard as it was to make it through this it was worth every minute to have this year with my family. No regrets at all. My doctor and I discussed the other day the condition I was in a year ago in the intensive care of when my team, my family and I believed I would not be walking out of that hospital to come home. Well here I am. Thank you God.

I have more goals this year. Another round of holidays would be great. I have rented a house for New Years for the whole family to be together and welcome in the new year. I am hoping that the immuno treatments without the chemo will allow more awake time and hopefully less side effects. I have had difficulties walking and have needed to limit some of my outings due to limitations. Hoping this area improves but if not I will continue to do what I can.

My cancer is stable right now. No growth and no shrinkage was shown in my last scan performed a few weeks ago. How fortunate am I? Extremely! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Make great memories and treasure the one previous made. May 2023 be a beautiful new year to all and never take a moment for granted as every moment counts.

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  1. I pray you stay stable and enjoy this journey as long as possible!❤❤❤❤
    If I bet, my bet is with you, you are so much like my mom, strong willed and eager to see each day. She passed and came back to us, to live 19 years, after being told by doctors 3 months to live, oh hell no …she replied…my daughter is graduating from high school, getting married, having kids…I’m seeing those grandbabies!!! God Blessed her, and she did. ❤
    You will get to your holidays, and whatever wishes you have! I just know it!❤

    1. Thank you for your comforting words. I can pray to survives longer but they have this 2 year plan only. They Will not discuss any other options. This is why I trust in God who has the. Real power over the time I remain on earth. Thankyou s much for reading and helping me through this part of my life my friend. Your words provide me great stength

  2. Laurie – Your faith is well placed in God and all he can do!
    Wonderful plan for the holidays. Having all your family together will be wonderful.
    Our prayers are with you.

  3. LAurie, I so admire your strength, courage and will to fight at every stage of this challenging disease. I said from the beginning of this journey that cancer has met it’s match- and that has proven to be true. You inspire me to grab hold of each day as I see you do this- despite the challenges. I miss your laughter and family stories-and I so admire the family you built. With respect, admiration and love . Jane

    1. Thank you Jane. I miss our exchange of stories and the ability to have you as my office neighbor to share thoughts with. However, I remain so fortunate to have you as a very great friend to share our experiences with when possible. You are quite awesome and I am thankful to have you.

  4. This tumultuous last year has been proof that God uses tribulations to shape and form us. You certainly have given others faith with your story.

  5. Lindsey Aduskevich

    Yes, thank you, God! A whole beautiful year with our beautiful mom. I remember the day you went into the hospital thinking there is no way you are walking out. You blew all of our minds. Praying for another incredible year. ❤️🙏

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