2023 Happy New Year

I am so fortunate to end the 2022 with so many great memories including the many in the recent photos from our rental house in Coventry Connecticut. It was an awesome family gathering everyone was able to attend this year. Such fun memories were created and will remain with all of us through these uncertain times.

I feel so blessed to have lived another year and experience another round of holidays here on earth. Every day is a gift when you don’t know if tomorrow is yours to experience. This is a weird stage of cancer and treatment I am in. As I mentioned in the past my survival now depends on immune system and the immunotherapy treatments I receive. No more chemo and no future plan of attack when my immunotherapy is completed in 11 months. I ask myself everyday ” how long will I be able to hang on to life as I know it here on earth?” This is a reality to me as so many people I know and love are suddenly dieing daily around me. I hold faith and trust in our Almighty Father to guide me though each day and help me to make it through the effects of this cancer. I believe I must share my story to help others understand how God works. In my life and family. It was a year since we last stayed in this house and the strength my family has developed is incredible and very admirable. I am proud of their support and love they display daily. I could not imagine going through any of this without my family by my side yet many do. I meet people at the center I go for treatment that have no one to support and guide them through their cancer. The nurses can verify as they see it first hand. I would. Encourage anyone who knows anyone with cancer to please ask questions and provide notions and words of kindness to them. Any support you can add would truly benefit a non supported cancer patient. I can’t imagine going through this alone. As we begin 2023 we need to consider the pain so many of our friends family members and neighbors have been through in their lives that most of us are not aware of. Try to tune in more and give a helping hand to guide them through when you can.with a new year comes new possibilities. Happy New Year everyone. My goal is to be alive to update you when 2024 rolls around.

4 thoughts on “2023 Happy New Year”

  1. May the Good Lord bless you and keep you! Sending good vibes to you and your precious family! Love, Lylean

  2. Lindsey Aduskevich

    That’s a wonderful goal that I am praying for too. This was a beautiful post and my heart is with anyone who has to walk this path alone. I’m grateful for a loving family and I’m grateful for you, Mom. ❤️

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