Two years and Counting!

It’s been quite a journey these past two years. I never thought I would see this day come. I did not have at clue of who I was and who I could become until I had no choice but to look at my actual Lung Cancer diagnosisand realize there is no turning back . The damage is done and my life clock was running out for real. Tick Tock, Tick Tock every minute counts. Fear of the unknown was not easy to face but I knew after 9 days in the hospital and no set date that my time would be up that my only option was to become a Warrior  like all others who enter the battlefield of these unwanted diseases that try to rule their lives. Our goal then becomes fight to survive for as many days as God would grant me. It was not until my visit with Dr O on this past Friday that he told me my original time phrame for living was originally 3-6 months. I am so thankful that he did not tell me  this 2 years ago or I would not have become the warrior I have become. Every day is a mountain to climb and a conquered goal as each day ends. My mammogram came out good without issue for now. If the lymph node remains swollen through the next scan then I will need to have another mammogram to monitor any possible growths for as long as the lymphnode remains swollen. Today I will celebrate with my family the two years that my team, family and friends have survived this Lung Cancer. We did a celebration last year and prayed for another year. God answered our prayer and for now we have been given 2 years. Tomorrow, we again will pray for a 3rd year and I will remain a warrior for everyone I don’t want to leave. I have decided to stay on the Keytruda for treatment. It seems to help maintain the shrinkage of the lung tumor. Why mess with what is working. This past year has allowed me to meet two more of my grandchildren making the total to date nine, four girls and 5 boys. I am so happy to have them join our family and bring more laughter in our lives. God continues to bless my family and I with with little miracles and continued health and togetherness. I am a warrior and I cannot allow cancer to define me for who I am. I still have my life as altered as it is it does remain mine to live. Today I look forward to family and cake to celebrate my life and time together. Tomorrow, onward day by day with more fight than ever to live my life and take on the new challenges I will face.

9 thoughts on “Two years and Counting!”

  1. You are truly a warrior ! Happy 2nd onto 3 and more ! Enjoy the cake and have a piece for me!!! 🎂 🥮
    🙏 God Bless

  2. You are my warrior cousin and I am thanking God for His blessings on your life! I love you, and your words are a testimony to the power of God and prayer!

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