Merry Christmas to All

It was the week before Christmas and the family was very excited for a family weekend we had planned at a Equestrian B & B in Coventry. Time with my family is what I want the most these days as I do not have any guarantees for tomorrow.

The house was perfect and we arrived in a 40 minute drive time. Large kitchen, dinning and living room area, 4 bedrooms and a huge loft area. a huge deck off the master bath and living room area was perfect for gathering around the gas fire pit. The stables held 50 horses on 90 acres of land. Unfortunately two families out of 5 ended up with sick members and were unable to attend this family gathering.We proceeded with our plans with all who could attend as I cannot pass on any memory making moments any longer. We shared in great meals, conversation and fun making memories with the children.

The next week we prepared for Christmas following up with meal planning and shopping, etc.  My son remained sick and we determined he would be unable to attend Christmas day at our house. This would be the first time in the history of 40 years that other than military reasons a Holiday would be missed for any other reason but military. Christmas Eve I  was awoken to the news that Petr was sick with a fever resulting in the first ever cancelation of Christmas Day in our family. At first the disappointment set in and Leighton and Shayla cried and were very sad. Then we explained the real meaning of Christmas day and that we would only postpone it until every one was well and the dangers of the two elderly in the family who participate in Chemo and radiation were over and the 92 year old elderly family member was safe. from getting ill.

We decided on a Movie and pajama day with limited gift opening in each family. We were able to demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas to the newest generations in our family and focus on the health and the importance of all family members not just gifts. What a great opportunity that took over 40 years for our family to be able to demonstrate the real priorities of this holiday….The birth of Jesus and the health of your family. Everything else can be postponed to another time and day.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All”

  1. I’m sorry your son and daughter in Law was sick. Hope they are better soon.
    What a true blessing to be able to teach your grandchildren the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. Lindsey Aduskevich

    A Christmas we won’t forget! It all turned out okay in the end, because like you said, the true meaning of Christmas is there no matter what.

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