Blood  Clots and Strokes

As I may have mentioned before blood clots can be created by the  cancer in your body.  The one way to help control them is with the use of blood thinners. I am on thinner #4 and trial and error continue to find the one that will prevent my body from continuing to make these clots that can take your life if not dissolved by the prescribed blood thinner.

I first was diagnosed with 2clots in my left lung with the cancer mass. I was placed on a blood thinner to hopefully prevent new clots from developing. sent home from the hospital hoping no more clots would develop. After my second dose of Chemo I was sent to the hospital for an ultra sound where a blood clot was found in my right leg.  The Blood Thinner I was on was then changed to shots that I needed to inject in my belly two times daily. These dissolved the clot in my leg and I was sent home from the hospital hoping no more clots would develop. 

After my third dose of Chemo I woke up and realized I was unable to walk on my own without assistance. I felt like I was in a glass of jelly and was unable to stand or take steps as it turned out I had lost all control. Off in the ambulance I went to Hartford Hospital for a 28 hour wait to get a room in the Emergency Dept. Diagnosis..multiple strokes. I was very fortunate that I was able to regain most lost functions with therapy and workouts with my daughter who put much effort into my recovery. Again my blood thinner was changed. Off the needles to a new blood thinner and add a baby aspirin daily was the recommendation this time. I was released from the hospital and went home to do some research and make some decisions.

My Chemo treatments consisted of 3 different chemos. After some research it was determined that all 3 chemos had listed side effects that were listed to make the patient aware of what to expect. All 3 had 10% side effects of unlisted side effects and 1 Chemo I was taking had 1% risk stroke. This 1% was enough for me to make the decision to drop this particular Chemo from my plan. I ran my thoughts past my team of  doctor’s and all agreed that this chemo should be removed to avoid a greater risk of another stroke.

Friday I had my Chemo treatment minus the Chemo with the 1% risk of  stroke and  it’s one day later and I am doing well. praying it stays this way with ever breath I take. I ask you to pray for me and others who daily fight for each breath they take knowing it could be their last but praying to God that it is not their last. Thank you and God bless.

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  1. Eileen Palladino

    Hi Laurie, thoughts and prayers continue for your improved health and for strength and peace for you and your family. Would love to talk whenever you are feeling up to it. ❤️

  2. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling well after your treatment. You have a group of angels watching over you each and every day. Wishing you continued health, strength, love and happiness.💗🌸

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