Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Wow!!! Another Birthday. I turn 65 years old. Time to Retire!!!! Not from work as I love working and it keeps me driven daily. However there are so many other things I want to retire from. I want to retire from any negative people who have difficulties recognizing the real essentials of life and how too acquire them. I want to retire from the negative people who fail to recognize the good in people and can only see others weakness. I want to retire from the people that like to think that they need material things to feel complete and have the inability to understand you can’t take materials with you when you go. I want to retire from the list of things I don’t want to do and create a new list of things I really would like to do.

Happy Birthday to Me! I have so much to celebrate. I have survived over an unexpected year of life. How many people can say that? I am stronger than I ever believed and Braver than I ever realized. I will not give up and I will breath until God says I am done. Until that day I will be thankful for everyday I have breath. I will be greatful for each additional day of life and I will appreciate every moment of time I get with my family and friends.

Happy Birthday to Me! I am here today to celebrate the biggest gift of all….Life and my family and friends to share it with. Sooo much to be thankful for so much to look forward to and so many friends and family to share with. Life is ❀️ Beautiful. Don’t take a day for granted. Happy birthday to me!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!!!”

      1. Happy Birthday Laurie!πŸŽ‰β€οΈπŸŽ‚ Hope that you’re having a beautiful day!🎈🎁

  1. Happy Birthday Laurie!! I hope you have the most amazing day today because you deserve it!!
    Love you, my friend!!

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