And Life Continues For Me Thankyou God

Today was a nerve racking day as my scan was scheduled for 10:45 this morning. Every 3 months I have a scan to determine if my cancer mass is growing or spreading or if it remains the same size that it shrunk to from the chemotherapy. I usually become nervous a few days before and a bit stressed. I am claustrophobic so the thought of entering the scan machine always makes me dread the appointment. The thought of growing and spreading cancer scares me even more. So my day begins with my two large orange flavored drinks I must drink before I leave the house. They give me great heartburn and at times make me feel pretty sick. I have claustrophobia so I take an anxiety pill 💊 t help me through the scan. Up to the bone center in Hartford we go. I then must register and sign releases which I always have them print so I don’t sign a little black box that does not show me what I am signing I read the prints and cross off the sections that say they can test me for Aids and other things I do not need testing for and have access to places they don’t belong. It is then time to go in for the scan so I lay on the bed and get ready to have an IV installed in my arm. This can go either way. If I am dehydratedor they pick veins with scar tissue this process can be very painful causing my veins to roll nd needing 3 an 4 attempts to get into the vein sometimes an ultrasound. will be needed to find the right vein. Once that is over the color contrast is hooked up and the scanning begins..I enter the machine 2 times and hold my breath for pictures. Then the contrast is released and I again enter the machine, hold my breath and feel like I will pee my pants due to the contrast. Contrast is supposed to make you feel that way and does its job well. I am getting better at dealing with these as I have had quite a few now. 20 minutes later it’s done and over and now I wait for the results. Today the wait was less than 3 hours before the call came from Dr Os office. Glory to the Highest!! No growth and no indications that the cancer has spread to other areas in the past 3 months. Hallelujah such great news. I want to do the happy dance and celebrate that the last 3 months of treatment has continued to keep this cancer at Bay allowing me to focus on the next 3 months when I can repeat this cycle again and pray that the Lord grants me another 3 months to share with my friends and family. My goals remain solid. I have a new grandchild coming in May (#8 grandchild) and it is my goal to welcome this baby into the world. For now my status is confirmed in 3 month increments based on scan results and my trust in Gods word.

11 thoughts on “And Life Continues For Me Thankyou God”

  1. Laurie,
    I so admire your strength. This is such wonderful news. God is good and I pray that he will continue to grant you much more time with your family.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Sending you lots of love.

  2. Christine Tassmer

    So sorry you have to go thru all this.
    But so happy for the wonderful news!
    Just know that God is in control. And will continue to watch over you!
    Praise the Lord!
    God Bless you Laurie!

  3. Continue onto this journey God has blessed you with !!
    My mom’s goal was to see me married, see her grandchildren. I was only 15 at the time and told her ok good goals !! She lived 19 years and even saw my surprise child. Maybe, she knew something I didn’t!
    Goals are important in our life! You are so strong, your family are so supportive!
    Think of you often, 💜

  4. I’m so grateful this scan came back clear! I know they are both physically and mentally exhausting for you to go through, but you sure are strong! Prayers, positivity, and family all the way! ❤️

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