Our Last Supper

43 years ago Peter and I moved into our house and decided to marry and have our family. Our house was a duplex at the time with 5 rooms on side and 4 on the other and a two car garage. The house sat on a corner lot and with hills and a barn off our back yard. It was very peaceful and quiet when we started out here. Soon we were married and pregnant with our first child, Jennifer. Wanting to be a stay at home mom I started a income daycare and two years later had our second child, Lindsey. With our growing family we tore down a wall upstairs and we now had 3 bedrooms for our growing family. 16 months later our son, Christopher was born At this point we decided it was time to make our house a one family home and actually added an addition and a deck to the house just in time 4 years later to welcome Allison who would complete our family of 6. Our fur babies , Cory, Ashley, Megan, Tatiana, Sammy, Kitty, Misty, Jacob, Tyler, Jake, Adam & Eve, Heidi and now Leah and Addie have all brought great Joy and memories to our life while living in this house. Numerous daycare, nieces, nephews, friends and children in need would come and join our family at times making our home larger and more complete. We invested in a pool when the kids were young which also supplied great memories for all. For 16 years I ran my home daycare to be home with my kids As my kids became adults and move on with their lives it was time for me to move on with mine. I proceeded to work outside of the home and continue to. The memories and love we shared I this home have given us a lifetime of memories and leaving this home is a very difficult decision but is very necessary at this point of our lives. 9 rooms has become too large for the two of us to take care of and needs to be available for a new couple to raise a family in and create their lifetime memories in. It turns out the new residents will be my son and his beautiful wife Gui Gui. I pray they will create beautiful memories like we did and raise their special family with the love and devotion we had. We are honored that they wish to follow in our shoes. This in itself has made this move bearable. The new house is 4 rooms on one floor and is so much easier physically on my body to maintain and get around. It will be perfect for Peter when I pass as it is less maintenance an easier to take care of. In addition it is closer to y daughter who has been an angel with helping me through this experience. Both Lindsey and Jen played a critical role in our packing and moving. They did the majority of packing. We could not have done this without them. We are so blessed that our family continues to remain wonderfully close. Not enough words to express out gratitude. Let this new chapter begin.

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  1. I’m so happy you’ve made this transition!!! I think it was the perfect solution for you and your family!! Now Chris and his growing family can create memories as you did!!! What a gift ❤️❤️

    So happy for you Laurie 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  2. Laurie, your plans moving forward sound great for you and Pete. As I read your post a flood of thoughts and emotions washed over me. There are a lot of memories from the last 43 years of visits. It’s sad that we live 14 hours away and our visits have been sporadic. The one constant in your home has always been the love. I know that will be present in your new home as well. The memories of the times Nancy and I spent talking with you and Pete solving the world’s problems late into the night are priceless. I know your move will make you more comfortable and remove some stress. Keep calm and carry on. You and your family have always been inspirational to Nancy and me. We cherish the times we have spent together.

    1. Hello Dan. I hope all is well with you and your wonderful family. So many great memories from Newfield St as we shared our home with so many wonderful families between family friends and daycare. We too wish we lived closer and could visit more often. We also enjoyed solving world problems with you and all family members who dared to join. I love you guys so much and you remain on our minds daily. Saw a picture of your two dogs via Kathy and they are two beauties. We miss you and hope to see you someday soon. Love you all.

  3. As one chapter closes, another opens as they say. But, it’s so nice to see the previous chapter is still open !! A lot of emotions I’m sure, for you all. Sending you all prayers and strength as so many changes are going on.
    Enjoy each day as you all do, what a wonderful family!

      1. Hi Laurie

        Thank you for all your hard work and dedication while working together at Vital Nutrients. Your contributions were critical to the team and company. I’m so grateful that you helped in the successful legacy.

        You are in my prayers and God is with you always. You are a wonderful inspiration to everyone and especially your family. Wishing you a terrific Tuesday. Also, Happy Mother’s Day to you.

        1. Thankyou Tom. I really miss working with you. As we have learned life can change in a moments notice sending us in directions we never imagined we would go to. My family and I are experiencing this now and it has brought us eve closer.

  4. Congratulations! I remember when you two moved in and renovated. I have many fond memories there as well. Miss you all and God Bless ❤️

  5. beverly goodridge

    you are blessed to family there for you time to make new memories glad you could downsize with there help its a blessing to know you. Family support is priceless

  6. Congratulations on your new home Lauri. It looks wonderful. Glad that you will have family surrounding you. Downsizing is the right thing to do. Taking care of a large home in our later years is daunting. Enjoy the times ahead with your family and your cute little dog.

  7. Lylean Orlando

    Laurie and Peter, Congratulations on your new Chapter! May you all enjoy your new home. When you have a minute jot down your mailing address. I’d like to send you something special! Love you! Lylean Molzahn Orlando Thomas

  8. Michele Fliss

    So excited as you begin this next chapter in your new home and know that you will create many new memories that your beautiful family will cherish forever!🌹

  9. Congratulations on your new home! Perfect size for just the two of you. Less work and more time to enjoy the simple life.

    How special is it that your son and family are moving into the family home. Sure there will be many more new and wonderful memories
    made there by you all too.

    Wishing you many blessed years ahead for you and your family.


    1. Thankyou Christine. It is easier already. I am so happy that my son wanted to do this as thee is alot of love and great memories for hm to build on

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